Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

Meine kreative Pinnwand - Moodboard color and crafts!

photos by me

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday by sending some artsy inspiration of my moodbards that I made during my current e-course BYW - blogging your way. Hope you'll like them...

Mein Mittwochsgruss an euch diese Woche ist pink... genau, pink, pretty und voller Farbe, Fröhlichkeit und kreativer Frühlingslust. Ich hoffe, euch gefällt's!


  1. So much splendid color in these photos! I love all the mind if I ask where you purchased it?

  2. Oh ja, schoene Farben!! Ich tueftel schon seit Tagen an meinen rum. Muss wahrscheinlich einfach mal aufhoeren und es fuer fertig erklaeren. Muss mir unbedingt Washi tape kaufen.

  3. Hi there, thanks for your sweet comments.

    For those of you looking for washi tape, I bought mine at a local store, where I could see and pick the colors in person. Which was fun but also difficult, because I wanted them all :-))
    But there are also lots of online sources. Do you know this Etsy shop?

    Have fun with your washi projects ;-)


  4. Lovely mood board, nice colour combination, good composition and great photographing. A+++ from me ^_^

  5. Tesca I love your moodboard. And your blog is lovely too. A lots of gorgeous inspiring picture.
    Stay inspiring :). Will definitely drop by here again :)


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